Pedal board build – Part I: The problem, in a cardboard shell

september 9, 2014

I’ve come to like pedals. I’ve soldered a few together, bought a few and repaired or modified most of them. But when it comes to playing I’ve rarely used more than one or two at a time. It’s always been a hassle bringing a couple of pedals and a bunch of cables in a backpack, a wah-pedal for a ten second part in one song… Oops, forgot the split cable for the power supply, got to run and buy batteries at 7-11!

Short version, I’m in dire need of something to attach my pedals to and a pedal board seems like something that would fit that description.

Most persons would probably make the good decision to go to the store and buy one. However, we have a family proverb that goes ”Varför köpa för fem spänn det jag kan bygga själv för en tia?”. Roughly Americanized: ”Why buy for a nickel that which I can build myself for a dime”.

Solution #1: Cardboard box from IKEA packaging in a laptop bag.



This is an arranged picture (although the cardboard box is authentic). The real thing sported five pedals + a wah on the side. Power supply consists of a strip of outlets and two 9V AC/DC adapters.


  • Cheap
  • Pedals stays close to where you put them
  • Keep the cabling between sessions
  • Lightweight


  • Looks cheap
  • Not much room
  • Flat surface makes stomping a bit hard
  • Lacking in sturdiness
  • Cabling quickly became a crows nest
  • Pedals not properly secured
  • Low life expectancy with heavy use
  • Probably does not invoke a professional expectation


Better than nothing, Some of the problems could probably be solved but the concept seems flawed and not really worth to expand on.

My first solution, although useful, was somewhat sub-optimal. So some weeks ago I bought myself a piece of cheap wood (900x300x18) at JULA (which I guess might be something like Home Depot although I’ve never been to one). My dad’s a carpenter and engineer so I should, genetically speaking, be able to produce at least something. Possibly.

Stay tuned for Part II, in which we turn a piece of wood into smaller pieces of wood!

Pedal board series
Part I
Part II



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