Pedal board build – Part II: I sawed, I sawed, I sawed

september 16, 2014

In the first episode we explained the problem and had a brief look at a somewhat working yet flawed solution.


Problem: Pedals, pedals everywhere!

Solution #2: A piece of wood, cut in smaller pieces


Pictured above is a piece of wood, 900x300x18 [mm] with some pencil marks (later revised). The plan is to cut this thing up to make a board roughly 690×300. First plan was 600×300 but after placing a few pedals on that area I realized I wanted it a little bit bigger.

Here’s the original plan:


The idea is having three boards, 80×690, with a bit of space in between and three pieces, 70×300, holding it all together. Finally a 60×690 board at the back to give it a bit of an angle.

I probably should’ve measured or at least though about pedal size before settling but with the work being done mainly while both kids are asleep at the weekend the window of time is not that great. And I’m inpatient…

DSC_0138 DSC_0139 DSC_0140

The first actual piece of work done! These are the three 70×300 pieces supposed to hold everything together. I don’t have a proper work bench but a bar stool and some clamps works just as good! Baby monitor featured in the last picture…

Using a hand saw was a bit heavy for a slender person like myself. I do own an electrical circular saw but I’ve never used one and am a bit worried I’d not be handling it correctly and lose a lot of blood.

Note that I’ve cut these bearing pieces against the fibers… Not the recommended way to do it, I’ve heard.


This is the end result. It took me two days to get them done… Had I used the circular saw I’d have been done in half an hour.


And this is roughly what it all will look like put together. Looks pretty nice! Not perfect when it comes to the spacing, but it looks like it’ll work.

Next time we’ll search the house for some dried out wood glue to put everything together!

Pedal board build series:
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Part II


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